Resisting Urgency & Hustle

Why does it seem to feel like we're racing against the clock to get things done?

Is that just me? lol. I feel like I try to do everything I can think of to maximize my time and be more efficient. And I mean I've tried EVERYTHING; journals, planners, wall calendars, time blocking, online task management platforms, waking up earlier, staying up later, etc. It really never feels like enough. But not only that, I tend to have this constant feeling (or nagging lol) that tells me I need to constantly be working towards my goals, constantly checking things off of my to do list, and constantly working. To be honest, it's so exhausting!

Have you felt that way before too?

Maybe like you're behind where you'd like to be or what you thought you would have achieved by now, so you try to work harder and get more focused. Maybe you've tried all the things too, tried to set more goals and get more organized. But what if all you've already accomplished was enough. Imagine if we shifted our perspective from grind, hustle, and urgency to--> gratitude, contentment, and living in the moment. That sounds so much better to me lol. Now that doesn't mean that we don't have goals or aspirations. But I think it means we have more balance. Yes we work, yes we plan, but we also rest. We don't need to open our laptop one last time at midnight to respond to emails or find something on pinterest about how to build a content strategy while trying to get dressed (I'm calling myself out here lol). One of the things I love about candle making is that it forces me to slow down. I have to use my hands to create, my mind to think through the process, my eyes to make sure the details are right, and my sense of smell to make sure all the combinations are just right. I have to be thoughtful and attentive to every step of the process.

I'm trying to work on this very thing, not pushing myself so hard as if the last few seconds of the clock are about to run out. It isn't a race. And no matter what the goal is that I'm working towards, I think it would be so amazing to say that I enjoyed the journey along the way instead of merely surviving it. 

Reflection Prompts:

  • What are some practical things you could do to practice "slowing down"? (I.e, pausing in the middle of your work day to take a few deep breaths, eating your lunch away from all your screens, going outside to literally smell the flowers, etc.)
  • What are the things that can wait until tomorrow? Are the things in front of you actually urgent, or do they just feel urgent?

I think resisting urgency and hustle will be an on going journey, especially since its opposite of what we constantly hear day in and day out. But I think it's a journey that will bring us more peace, more joy, and more awareness of the beauty in life.



Alisha L.


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