Why Soy Candles? 5 Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

Why Soy Candles

Why Soy Candles?

So when I first started candle making I knew I wanted to use soy wax because I always heard it was the best option for candles. Why? I had no idea! LOL. You know how you hear about something being healthy or better for you but you have no idea why, well that was me with soy candles. But as I really began studying candle making over the years I learned so much and found that soy candles do have a ton of benefits, making them a great option for the candles you have in your home or even give as gifts. (This is also why soy wax is still my #1 go to!)

Soy Wax from Candlescience

 First, I think it's important to mention some of the most common types of wax used for candles. They are: 

Paraffin Wax
Soy Wax Blend (Typically a blend of soy and paraffin wax)
And 100% Soy Wax

Soy Wax Candles Five14

So what are the benefits of soy wax and why do they make a great choice for candles? Great question! Here's 5 reasons why soy is a great choice when choosing a candle:

  1. They burn longer! So one of the things I hear people say the most is that they want a long lasting candle. Well did you know that soy candles have a longer burn time than other candles? This is because soy wax has a lower melting point, so the flame doesn't have to get as hot in order for the wax to melt. This is different than other waxes where a hotter melting point is required which causes the wax to also burn at a quicker rate. This makes soy candles a great investment alone.
  2. They have less soot! Have you ever seen the black ring around the top of your candle? Or have you even ever noticed black spots on your ceiling above where you typically burn your candles? This is soot! Soot in the air means we're also breathing it in, yikes! Soy candles have been shown to have around 30% less soot than other types of candles.
  3. All natural! Soy wax is a natural wax made from soy beans unlike waxes made from other materials such as petroleum (paraffin wax). Do you want to clean out an old jar that once had a soy candle in it? Soap and water will do the trick! Because of its all natural soy bean base, cleaning soy wax off of a counter top or jar is no problem at all.
  4. Holds fragrances well! Finding the right percentage of fragrance load to wax can be tricky, but if that wasn't complex enough some waxes hold fragrance better than others. Soy is know for its ability to hold fragrance very well while other types of wax often require the use of an additive or chemical of some sort to hold its fragrances well.
  5. Better for the environment! As mentioned before, soy candles come from the vegetable soy beans. This is great for the environment because soy beans are a renewable source unlike paraffin wax that utilizes a gasoline by product.


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 If you've never tried soy candles before or are looking to try out check out our website! www.five14.life. I'd love to share what I've been working on with you :-)




*Soy wax picture from CandleScience*

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